4 Spring cleaning tips that you can use

Spring has sprung and the desire to clean out the old and make everything new again is upon us. BUT, not everyone likes to clean and it can be quite a chore. So how can you make cleaning and organizing this spring even better than before? Here are four Spring Cleaning Tips from Go Kitchen Carnival that are useful and practical!

Tip # 1: To Keep or Not to Keep

To Keep or Not to Keep is an essential question is any Spring cleaning endeavour. Too often, what we are holding unto is not really needed or necessary in our lives. Do you have too many of the same thing? Have you outgrown that shirt or that blouse? On the flip side, is it too big for you now? Or are you not using that mug or that plate or that pot anymore? Whatever the case, start with a room in your house and truly decide whether everything that is in that room is a keeper. Create three categories: Keep, Toss and Donate(KTD). Then don’t stop until everything in that room ends up in one of those three categories. Keep it real and don’t keep things that you truly don’t need anymore. Spring is a time to let go of the old or things causing cluther in our lives and household. Next step is to go to another room and repeat the KTD process.

Tip # 2: Make Cleaning a family event

Make Spring Cleaning a family event by making everyone responsible and accountable for cleaning up. Chances are if you are a family, you made the mess together or have accumulated the clutter together. Therefore, cleaning it up should also be a family event. Put everyone in charge of something. For example, kids can be in charge of their own rooms. Help them to incorporate Tip # 1 into their cleaning process. KTD should work for kids too. What toys do they not play with anymore or don’t need? Can they donate that sweater that no longer fits them? Accountability goes a long way in getting Spring Cleaning done fast and out of the way. Especially in a family!

Tip # 3: Go Easy on the Cleaning products and save money

Some people think cleaning is about using heavy products but in fact sometimes you only need the right product. Take for example this Magic Cleaning Sponge from Go Kitchen Carnival. You will spend less time scrubbing with these sponges. Watch your pots and pans come back to life. Maybe you won’t need to go out and get a whole new set of pots, if you are able to get them back to their original state. Another eco-friendly product from Go Kitchen Carnival is our Reusable Bamboo Towels. Stop throwing away money on paper towels, ditch the regular paper towels for these environmentally friendly rolls of towels. Use them over and over again, saving you money. Who doesn’t like saving money?

Tip # 4: Start early, don’t wait until Spring

We know that cleaning out the old is more famous as Spring rolls around but we believe avoiding stress comes from having regular intervals of perge. Try a quarterly approach. This way when you do accumulate too much stuff in your house, it won’t be so overwhelming and back breaking come Springtime. Start the heavy cleaning/purge at the end of the old year, that way once Spring is here, you will be ahead of the game. Doing a little bit at a time instead of one big purge is actually better in keeping your home more organized and a lot cleaner. It is also good for your sanity and your back.

Spring is a time for renewal in many aspects of life. Cleaning is just one of the most visual ways we think you can express such renewal. Send us your before and after pictures of what you have been able to accomplish in your Spring Cleaning adventures. At Go Kitchen Carnival, we love seeing our customers at their best.

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