5 Storage products every kitchen MUST have!

The Fridge Organizer

We don’t know about your fridge but sometimes the fridge in our house can look a little scary. With kids constantly going in and out and making a mess, keeping it clean and organized looking can seem daunting. Having things put in its proper place can go along way in helping keep the mommy and daddy happy in the house. The Fridge Organizer Basket from Go Kitchen Carnival is a dream. These multi-color trays just snap right unto the shelving of your fridge allowing you to not only free up space but keep everything where they are suppose to be kept. So if you have been thinking about organizing your fridge and winning that dreamy “fridge of the year” award( totally made up, we know… but this mommy can dream, can’t she?)

Reusable Storage Containers

In our house, there are always leftovers. Especially since we started “leftover Mondays” Well I started it, the family had to get use to the fact that momma does not want to cook everyday. I look forward to Mondays now because I just take the leftovers out of the fridge and warm them up. So if your family is like mine, you want to have reusable storage containers that are microwave safe, heat resistant and BPA free. These Reusable Silicone Food Wrap sets from Go Kitchen Carnival are perfect because they are durable and you can use them for years to come. So get your family excited about “leftover Monday or Tuesday…” or whatever day you decide to have leftovers.

Kitchen Storage Shelf

Have you ever shoved something under the sink or in your cupboards? Just because you did not want to face the fact that they are too disorganized. I am guilty as charged. I have done this several times, afraid to open the door without someone spilling out or falling on me. Having these Kitchen Storage Shelves are a game changer for your kitchen or cupboards. They can go under your sink, on a counter or inside your cupboards. Multi-purpose and sturdy and easy to set up wherever you want them. Go from messy to immaculate in no time.

Wall Hooks

Now these wall hooks might not suit the personality of everyone but they are super cute and get the job of organizing your kitchen done. Hang them near a counter, on a wall or behind your pantry door. These Cartoon Chef Wall Hooks are fun and whimsical and add a multitude of personality to your kitchen decor. Use them to hang your keys, purse or your tea towels.

Spice Jars

In my house, I have a whole cupboard dedicated to my spices. If you like to cook like I do, then you can relate to having various spices to create variety and adventure in your cooking. This makes you a serious home cook- which means you need to elevate your game with these Spice Jars with wooden Spoon and stand. You need something for your paprika, your Italian spice blend or your secret Jerk Chicken blend that you won’t share with anyone. Upgrade your spice cabinet with these Spice Jars. Think of all the delicious meals you can prepare when you are this organized.

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