Cake Baking Tips from The Complete Canadian Living Baking Book!

We know that a lot of our customers at Go Kitchen Carnival love to bake. We have had many customers tell us that their love for baking accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some even took up baking just to pass the time and get through the lock-downs and quarantine. So how can you make your cake baking experience even more successful? Here are three tips that we pulled from one of our favourite baking books: The Complete Canadian Living Baking Book, written by Elizabeth Baird & The Canadian Living Test Kitchen.

Tip # 1: Temperature

A successful cake starts with room temperature ingredients. Especially ingredients such as milk, eggs and butter. Measure these ingredients and set them out at least two hours before you use them. Also avoid heating butter as it will melt and not incorporate enough air into your cake batter. Here is another tip for separating eggs: separate them when they are still cold, then let the white and yolk come to room temperature in separate bowls.

Tip # 2: Cake tips and techniques: Mixing

Beat or cream butter with sugar as it incorporate air into the mixture. Try to use an electric mixer on high to beat until nice and fluffy and lightened in colour to a very pale yellow. Beat in eggs one at a time and beat well. Scrape down the side of the bowl often. Add the dry ingredients in stages on low speed to prevent the gluten in the flour from developing.

Tip # 3: Cake tips and techniques: Baking

You want to fill your cake pans half to two-thirds full. Measure your batter to ensure that that each pan has equal weight. This is important to ensure finished cakes of equal height. Before putting your cake pans in the oven, tap them lightly on the counter to remove air bubbles in the batter. Use a cake tester or skewer to inspect cake doneness. Insert in the middle- should come out clean. Cool a layered cake about 10 minutes longer than a larger cake before turning your pan onto a rack to finish cooling. This is ensure a stronger cake structure.

So whatever you are baking in 2021 and beyond, these cake tips are sure to make your cake baking experience a great one. So bake away with those swirl cakes, sponge cakes, lemon cakes or whatever your heart desires. Choose your shape and bake bake bake: will they be round, rectangular or a combination of both. Whatever you bake, we wish you a sweet and delightful time from Go Kitchen Carnival.

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