Vegetable Slicer for Arthritis in hands!

Vegetable Slicer for Arthritis in hands! In this post, we will give you 5 reasons why using our Vegetable Slicer will help you in the kitchen. We will touch on it’s durability, time-saving component, safety features, how professional it will make your fruits and vegetables look. Also, how healthy it will make your feel. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose our vegetable Slicer!

Reason # 1: How Durable is our Vegetable Slicer?

Our Vegetable Slicer for Arthritis in hands is made from top quality grade material allowing it to withstand regular use. Our vegetable slicer is made with strong ABS material which means you will be able to slice your vegetables and fruits for a very long time. As a result, this tool will help you to slice up your vegetable of the day, whether it is zucchini or carrots.

Food Grade Stainless Steel + ABS

Reason # 2: How much time can our Vegetable Slicer Save you?

We are sure you can relate to the difficulty and time it takes a person with Arthritis in hands to slice fruits and vegetables by hand. As a result, some of our customers have said it was excruciating. Our vegetable slicer allows you to cut fruits and vegetable more accurately. Saving you precious time to spend on other things. Also, you can put away the dangerous kitchen knife and use our slicer.

Reason # 3: Is Safety in a Vegetable Slicer Important to you?

Our Vegetable and Fruit Slicer comes with a protective hat that is there to safeguard your hands from accidents because it keeps your fingers away from the blade at all times. In fact, We know that having Arthritis is not easy and safety is paramount. Having a safety feature like the one we have is very important not just to us but to our customers.

Reason # 4: How can a Vegetable Slicer make food look more professional?

Our slicer will let you look like a PRO with your friends and family. Our five different blades will allow you to cut your fruits and vegetables into multiple shapes. So have some fun with your fruits and vegetables! In fact, we insist on it. Having fun with your fruit and vegetables leads us into our last reason- Health!

Reason # 5: Would eating Healthy help with Arthritis in your hands?

This multi-functional tool is a great way to promote good health and nutrition. Not only does it allow you to focus on eating the right kinds of food but also enjoy them with your entire family. As you may know, Nightshade foods affects your Arthritis and having access to a tool that will allow you to eat healthy is very important. What are Nightshade Foods you ask? They are foods such as Eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes or any foods containing compound solanine. Our vegetable slicer tool is a great way for you to slice up some healthy food choices.

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