Why dog lovers will envy the cat lover this holiday season?

We all know someone who is a cat lover, they love everything cat and they go out of their way to make sure that the have the latest is cat accessories and trinkets. Here at Gokitchencarnival.com, we too value the cat lover and wanted to showcase these must have products that will surely bring out the envy in the dog lover in your life.

Cute Cat Shaped Ceramic Mug with Spoon

From every angle you look at our ceramic mugs, they will remind you of the cute cat in your life. Six different variations to choose from. Style # 1 is what we like to call the “innocent cat.” You know the face, when your own cat looks at you like she has done nothing wrong. “Meow and hold me” Style # 2 is our “playful princess” This mug is sure to remind you of the fun loving and playful cat in your life. Style # 3 is our “smart cat” This one remind us of the cat that knows you all too well and likes to cuddle on you just because she knows you have had a bad day. Style # 4 is our “naïve cat” Cute as a button and very unapologetic about it. Style # 5 is our “oh no, only I can cuddle with her cat” Watch yourself with this one, she will hurt you if you don’t know your boundaries. And Finally, our “hungry cat” is Style # 6, you make sure to have her food ready. Boredom makes her more hungry. Whichever one you choose as a cat lover won’t be wrong!

Cartoon Cat Shaped Coffee Mug with Spoon

Choose from black or white with these cartoon inspired cat shaped coffee mugs. Sure to compliment any décor, choose black if you like the fun and mystery that comes from having such a standout coffee mug. Use at home or at the office. Offset the color in your life by choosing the white version. Or having trouble deciding between black or white, order both and enjoy your cup of coffee in cat style each and every day.

Cute Cat Face Printed Coffee Cups

Nothing says “meow” more than these Cute Cat Face Printed Coffee Cups! Made of glass, these coffee mugs will make you look cute as a button. A fun inspired way to bring out the cat person in everyone.

Cat Paw Shaped Glass Mug

We have shown you our cat face collections, now let’s introduce to you to our Cat Paw Shaped Glass Mug. You have three variations of quality to choose from. All inspired by the beauty of your cat’s paws. Let’s celebrate your cat’s paw together. From its unique fingerprints that it gives your cat to the durable protection it provides them while walking on tough surfaces.

Cat Paw Pattern Table and Chair Protective Socks

With these Cat Paw Pattern Table and Chair Protective Socks, you can take your love of all things cat the whole new level. A practical and fun way to protect your floors and showing off the beauty of being a cat lover. Just slide these over your table or chairs as easy as 1-2-3. Choose from Yellow, Black or Gray.


Can’t decide on just one thing? Or looking to share some items with other cat lovers in your life? Check out these cat inspired bundles and save 20%: Meow Bundle or Meow Bundle # 2.


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